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'Saraswati Nilaya' is a house rejuvenation project of an old South Canara house. The house was primarily designed around a rear courtyard which wrapped all the private spaces. The frontage of the house consisted of formal living which led to a family across which were placed two private bedrooms.

Our design brief was to keep the skeleton of the home intact as it withheld the collective memory of the family in the house. We opened up the plan and got rid of a few walls allowing a fresh array of light and ventilation to the spaces while not changing any functionality. We reworked the open-air courtyard and emphasized the importance of the space in the house.

The interior design was adopting the existing features and introduced patterns, art, and lighting to keep the traditional ethos of the space alive. We also used traditional artwork on the walls and stone carving making the design more artisanal.

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