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This Duplex holiday villa is designed for a hospitality venture just outside Bangalore. It is developed as a getaway home for families and small private groups.

The house is designed around a swimming pool wrapped around a double-height curved wall. The pool opens up to the living and dining area which spills over to the pool deck. It has four bedrooms designed as luxury stays that open up to private gardens. The rooms are equipped for work-from-home setups for people opting to work during their stay.

The facility has varied small pockets of space with different ambience for people to organize and interact like the barbeque garden, a steeped terrace, a pool deck, a floating staircase and a rooftop garden. The kitchen is designed with a central aisle dining which opens up to a pool bar.

Hollow clay block has been used as the basic building block of the house which through different patterns creates wall screens allowing sunlight to enter a space as the ambience requires. This contrast with the greens and the water pools accentuates the physical features of the house achieving a serene mood for a refreshing stay.

holiday home 26_3 - Photo.jpg
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